A Home for the Silurians
While investigating strange power losses at an underground research centre, the Doctor discovers the base camp of a group of intelligent reptiles, termed Silurians, in a nearby cave system. They went into hibernation millions of years ago but have now been revived and fully intend on re-colonising the planet. Can the Doctor convince them there is enough room for both species to live on Earth?

The First Appearance of the Silurians
The Doctor comes face to face with a Silurian for the very first time.

Attacked By A Silurian!
The Doctor attempts to make peace between humans and the Silurians but it doesn't go as planned..

The Silurian Plague Hits London
Unable to reach a peace, the Silurians release a deadly virus in order to wipe out humanity. The Doctor and Liz are on the case to find a cure, but they don't yet know that the virus has already reached London and has started to wreak havoc.

Credit: BBC Worldwide