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Cushing and Castle
In a special DVD extra, we take a look at the casting of Peter Cushing and Roy Castle in a 1965 film "Dr. Who and the Daleks"
Credit: BBC Worldwide 
Dr. Who and the Daleks
Directed by Gordon Flemyng and now fully restored, Dr Who And The Daleks (1965) was the first big screen film adaptation of British TV's most iconic sci-fi hero, and was the first time Doctor Who was ever seen in colour! British film legend Peter Cushing plays everyone's favourite Timelord, and having invented the TARDIS, a strange machine capable of travelling into other dimensions, the Doctor and his three young accomplices set forth on a quest through time and space. Their journey takes them into the dark, undiscovered depths of the universe and to the planet of Skaro. A primitive world devastated by nuclear war and populated by two warring species, a peaceful tribe known as Thals and a life form heavily mutated by radiation, encased in protective machines. A merciless force of destruction known as The Daleks!
Credit: Studio Canal