Behind the Scenes
Episode Clips

Dr Who Confidential
Rose's Mum shares her thoughts on recreating the 1980's for Doctor Who episode, Father's Day.

Paul Cornell
Script writer of Father's Day Paul Cornell.

Creating the Reapers
How The Mill created the Reapers.

Life Behind The Lens
With Camera Assistant Anna.

Joe Ahearne
Notes from director Joe Ahearne.

Assistant Directors
We talk to Steffan Morris and Dan Munford.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 
Episode Trailer
The Father's Day episode trail

"Give me the key"
The Doctor explains to Rose that she's changed the world by saving her father's life.

A wound in time
Monsters come to sterilise the wound in time caused by Rose. Can The Doctor save the day?

Rose's father
It's time for a tearful good-bye