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Everything you think you know... is a lie.

Episode 5 | Next Time Trailer | Fugitive of the Judoon
Watch the Next Time trailer for the fifth episode of the new series, Fugitive of the Judoon!

Credit: BBC Studios 

You Missed Me, Right?
"You can get excited now!" Graham is accidentally abducted by an old friend.

Hello, I'm the Doctor
Introducing Jo Martin as the Doctor.

Credit: BBC Studios 

udoon Law 101
Learn more from the cast and crew of "Fugitive of the Judoon" about what it takes to work with the trigger-happy police rhinos from space!

Captain Jack is Back!
Learn from the man himself, John Barrowman, about what it was like to return to the Doctor Who universe as rogue immortal Time Agent, Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness
Con man. Torchwood leader. Immortal being. Lover. Relive the history of Captain Jack Harkness!

Credit: BBC Studios