Episode Clips

The Solitract is a Frog?!
With only the Doctor left for company, the Solitract takes a form that makes it happy. Can the Doctor resist?

Meeting Ribbons in the Antizone
The Doctor, Yazmin and Graham enter the space between universes to find Hanne's dad, and come across an uncomfortable new ally.

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Episode 9 | Access All Areas
Join Yinka Bokinni for a round-up of all the best backstage action of the week. This week we're talking all things Tosin, the Antizone and keeping fit on set. This is Doctor Who: Access All Areas!

The Antizone | Case File
ind out what police officer Yasmin Khan has on file about the creatures of the Antizone.

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Episode 9 Trailer | It Takes You Away
Watch the trailer for the ninth episode of the new series, It Takes You Away.

Credit: BBC Studios