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Something sinister is afoot… does the Doctor need a helping hand from Santa?

BBC One Christmas Trailer

Last Christmas Preview
In the North Pole the Doctor and Clara are joined by a familiar figure… and his reindeer!

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Twelfth Doctor's Christmas Titles
The Twelfth Doctor's Christmas title sequence as seen in the 2014 Christmas Special, Last Christmas.

Santa Claus Makes An EXPLOSIVE Entrance!
It's the North Pole and Santa makes an explosive entrance but some of the crew can't quite believe it.

"Are You Santa Claus?"
Somebody has landed on Clara's rooftop but he looks very familiar...?

All Of Time And All Of Space...
The Doctor is given a second chance with Clara at Christmas but is he going to take it?

Clara Says Goodbye To Danny Pink
Clara is living out her dream Christmas with Danny Pink but it's a deadly dream and the Doctor is here to save her, can he do it or will it be left to someone else?

The Doctor's Sleigh Ride
It's time for everyone to go home in Santa's sleigh but first the Doctor has got to have a go at driving!

Every Christmas Is Last Christmas
It's time for everyone to wake up and say goodbye but Clara wants to stay a little longer...

Preview of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special, first shown on BBC Children in Need’s Appeal Night. Santa pays a visit to the Doctor.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Last Christmas - Doctor Who Extra - BBC Christmas 2014
Join Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Nick Frost as the cast and crew of Last Christmas reveal the inside story of the Twelfth Doctor’s first seasonal special.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Last Christmas: Highlights :
Do you really believe in Santa Claus?" 🎅🏻 Relive some highlights from the 2014 Christmas special 'Last Christmas'!

Credit: BBC Studios