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Next Time
The Last of the Time Lords

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The Sound of Drums: The Legends of Gallifrey
While on the run from the Master, the Doctor tells Captain Jack and Martha what it was like back on Gallifrey.

The Sound of Drums: Here Come The Drums!
The Master has turned the Doctor into an old man and torn the sky apart with his paradox machine. As the human race dies under attack from the Toclafane, Martha is left with only one heartbreaking choice.

Last of the Time Lords: Is Captain Jack The Face of Boe?
After defeating the Master and returning the earth to normal, Captain Jack reveals a surprising piece of information about his past...and possible future?

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The Saxon Mystery
Join Doctor Who Confidential in unravelling the mystery behind Saxon. John Simm talks exclusively to us, discussing how he prepared for the role as an enemy who is more than a match for the Doctor.

The Valiant Quest
It's the end of an amazing series and Confidential goes behind the scenes of the nail biting finale to Series Three as we see two enemies square up for a battle of valiant proportions.

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