Landing on Tigella
The Gaztack mercenaries led by General Grugger land on the planet of Tigella where an expectant Meglos awaits to assume the body of a kidnapped earthling.

I am the Doctor!
As Meglos struggles to keep control of the host's body, the Doctor finds he has struggles of his own as he tries to convince Lexa and Deedrix that he didn't steal the Dodecahedron.

The Doctor's betrayal
The Doctor becomes a wanted man as the Savants and Deons discover that the Dodecahedron has completely vanished.

Caris encounters Meglos
As the earthman once again tries to break free from Meglos, Caris takes advantage of the situation to take Meglos prisoner.

The Doctor Meglos
Having cloned the Doctor's appearance, Meglos lands in the jungles of Tigella to meet the Deons, keepers of the planet's power source - the mysterious Dodecahedron.

Meglos's transformation
Meglos transfers his mind and being to the kidnapped earthling as a startled Grugger and Brotadac look on.

Credit: BBC Worldwide