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The Fugitive Doctor
Behind the Scenes

The Two Doctors:
The Thirteenth Doctor relives a memory from her days as the Fugitive Doctor!

The Doctor Defeats the Ravagers:
Deep inside her forgotten past, the Doctor and her Division allies corner Swarm and Azure in the Temple of Atropos..

Confronting the Mouri :
As Time begins to correct, the Doctor still has a lot of questions about what she has seen - but will the Mouri give her any answers?.

Meeting the Fugitive Doctor - Again!:
Thrown across the time storm, the Doctor finds herself back at the temple of Atropos - but somewhere in the very distant past...

The Fugitive Doctor Returns! :
I'm you!" 🪞 Relive the moment the Doctor had a strange reunion with... herself

DON'T BLINK! Relive the terrifying cliffhanger from 'Once, Upon Time' 👀

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The Fugitive Doctor | Doctor Who
Relive the moments from Series 12 when the Doctor met her most mysterious incarnation to date...

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Meet Vinder & Bel
Go behind the scenes and meet our star-crossed lovers, Vinder and Bel!

The Return of the Fugitive Doctor
She’s back! Jo Martin reveals more about returning as the Fugitive Doctor in 'Once, Upon Time'.

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FIRST LOOK | Once, Upon Time
"What do you want?" "To reign in Hell!" 🔥

NEXT TIME | Once, Upon Time
Here’s your first look at what’s happening next time in ‘Once, Upon Time’.