Episode Clips - Rise of the Cybermen
Episode Clips - The Age of Steel

A Parallel London
This time Mickey has come along for an adventure, but his ride in the TARDIS results in a trip to an alternate dimension where Rose spots a very familiar face.

Surrounded by the Cybermen
Still in a parallel dimension, the Doctor and Rose have infiltrated the party being held by Rose's parents, but things soon go awry when the Cybermen turn up uninvited. As the President of Great Britain discovers just how heartless the cyborgs are, Rose and the Doctor run for their lives, not realising they are surrounded until it's too late.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Cybermen Autopsy
Having become separated from Rose, the Doctor and Mrs Moore enter the Cyberman conversion factory through the underground cooling ducts. There, they come across a sentry, but one well aimed electromagnetic bomb later and the Doctor decides to get a better look at his enemy.

Escape from the Cybermen
On a parallel Earth, the Doctor faces a terrifying enemy reborn. The Doctor disables the inhibitor signal, sending the army of Cybermen into despair. The conversion facility begins to go up in flames, and the group escapes to the zeppelin leaving Lumic (now converted into the Cyber Controller) to die.

Credit: BBC Worldwide