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Memories of the Flesh
Rory finds Jennifer's ganger in the locker room; she insists that she is Jennifer Lucas, not a mere factory part. She takes offence when he asks her where the real Jennifer is

A Ganger is born
The Doctor fears the worst part of the solar tsunami will strike the solar-powered factory soon. The foreman, Miranda Cleaves, refuses to shut down the factory until she receives orders from the mainland. Jennifer demonstrates the vat of Flesh - fully programmable matter which can replicate any living organism.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Two Doctors are better than one:
The Doctor asks his Ganger to describe Cybermats to prove that he is actually him. Amy then asks the workers if there are any weapons the Gangers could get their hands on; they're a factory, so there's no need for weapons. Smoke begins seeping through the door - the gangers are trying to force their way inside by using acid!

Amy is a Ganger!:
The Doctor informs Amy and Rory that Amy is going into labour. The Doctor orders Rory to step away from her, which he reluctantly does. Amy looks on, terrified. The Doctor explains that their trip to the factory was not unintentional: he needed to see the Flesh in its early stages so he could learn how to stop the signal - to Amy.

Credit: BBC Worldwide