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When the Doctor and Ace arrive at a secret WWII military base, they discover that a centuries-old Viking curse is bringing terror to its inhabitants... Watch the highlights of a classic Seventh Doctor story, The Curse of Fenric!

Haemovore church attack:
The Doctor and Ace arrive at a British naval installation near Maiden's Point on the Northumbrian coast during World War II. Trapped inside the Rev. Wainwright's church, the vampire-like Haemovores attack. Captain Sorin and his men see the Haemovores rise and follow them to the church, will they be able to save Ace? The Doctor uses his faith in his old companions to drive the Haemovores back, telling the others that strong faith generates a psychic barrier which Haemovores can't penetrate.

The truth about Ace:
Fenric orders the Ancient One to attack the Doctor, but a psychic barrier created by Ace's trust in the Doctor prevents the Ancient One from acting. The Doctor is forced to reveal to Ace that she too is one of Fenric's pawns, as it was he that created the time storm that transported her to the alien world where she met the Doctor the first time.

Credit: BBC Worldwide