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Episode Clips - The Impossible Planet
Episode Clips - The Satan Pit


The Ood
The Beast repossesses Toby and in turn the Ood. Toby warns Rose and the remaining crew that the planet is now falling towards the black hole, and that the Beast is free.

Exposed to the elements
The Doctor and Rose land in a base on an 'impossible planet'. But the TARDIS is missing, there's a killer in the base, and who are the Ood? The possessed Toby kills Scooti when she discovers him surviving outside the base without any protective gear.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Go to Hell!
The Doctor realizes he must sacrifice Rose and the others to destroy the Beast, and begins smashing the jars. With the generators destroyed, the planet begins plunging into the black hole and the rocket becomes ensnared as well. Accepting his fate, the Doctor mocks the Beast before stumbling across his TARDIS while fleeing the collapsing cave.

The face of the Beast
The Beast communicates with the Doctor and the rest of the crew through the Ood and explains that he is the epitome of evil across many different religions. The Beast tells them that he was sealed in the pit before the universe began and is seeking to escape. The Ood also carry a terrifying message for Rose.

Credit: BBC Worldwide