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Moonbase DVD Trailer
When the TARDIS lands on the Moon in 2070, the Doctor, Polly, Ben and newly-joined Jamie discover the Earth's weather control station has been over-run by a mystery plague epidemic. As men begin to go missing and Jamie succumbs to the virus, it's down to the Doctor to work out who is behind the attack. And he soon discovers that the Cybermen have returned...

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

Don't Drink That
The TARDIS has landed on the moon near to the Moonbase, a special facility which influences weather patterns on Earth. After one of the Moonbase's technicians collapses after drinking coffee, it dawns on the Doctor that the sugar has been contaminated. Cybermen are also on the moon, and one has been hiding in the Moonbase's medical centre!

EXCLUSIVE The March of the Cybermen
The Moon, 2070. Having failed in their attempts to infiltrate the human Moonbase by stealth, the Cybermen launch a frontal attack, in their plan to invade the Earth. This classic cliffhanger from the missing episode three of The Moonbase has been animated - along with the lost episode one -- and set to their original soundtrack for DVD release.

Credit: BBC Worldwide