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Sixth Doctor Titles - Trial Of A Time Lord Version:
Colin Baker's second title sequence, which ran during The Trial of a Time Lord (1986)

The Doctor in court:
The TARDIS is plucked out of time and space by a mysterious beam of light, materialising inside a Gallifreyan space station. There the Doctor find himself in the familar company of Time Lords.

Marble Arch! On Ravalox?:
The Doctor is on trial and the first evidence against him is his recent involvement in the planet Ravolox. Using the Matrix viewer the court watch the Doctor and Peri examine the debris of a Mysterious Planet, stumbling across a London tube sign. How this came to be is too disturbing for Peri to contemplate.

Things get heated in the exchanges within court, where the Doctor's doing battle.

Removed Evidence:
The Doctor is shocked to discover that evidence has been removed from the testimony presented to the court.

Hunting the Doctor:
The Doctor, played by Colin Baker, and Peri are being hunted in the tunnels.

Credit: BBC Worldwide 

The Sixth Doctor is on trial AGAIN!
Colin Baker is back on trial! Can he walk free before the release of Doctor Who: The Collection Season 23?

Season 23 Trailer
To celebrate next week's release of The Trial of a Time Lord on Blu-ray, we asked James Barnett to make a cinematic trailer for The Collection - Season 23

Credit: BBC Studios