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Episode Title⇩ DateTimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
601The War Games: Episode EightSat7 Jun 19695:14pm00:24:373.50m5396
602The War Games: Episode SevenSat31 May 19695:16pm00:22:284.90m5383
603The War Games: Episode SixSat24 May 19695:15pm00:22:534.20m5391
604The War Games: Episode FiveSat17 May 19695:14pm00:24:305.10m5387
605The War Games: Episode FourSat10 May 19695:15pm00:23:305.70m5063
606The War Games: Episode ThreeSat3 May 19695:15pm00:24:305.10m5381
607The War Games: Episode TwoSat26 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:006.30m5468
608The War Games: Episode OneSat19 Apr 19695:14pm00:25:005.50m5588
609The Space Pirates: Episode SixSat12 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:265.30m5298
610The Space Pirates: Episode FiveSat5 Apr 19695:14pm00:24:445.50m5670
611The Space Pirates: Episode FourSat29 Mar 19695:17pm00:22:255.80m5383
612The Space Pirates: Episode ThreeSat22 Mar 19695:15pm00:23:506.40m5575
613The Space Pirates: Episode TwoSat15 Mar 19695:14pm00:25:026.80m5274
614The Space Pirates: Episode OneSat8 Mar 19695:15pm00:24:115.80m5796
615The Seeds of Death: Episode SixSat1 Mar 19695:14pm00:44:317.70m5959
616The Seeds of Death: Episode FiveSat22 Feb 19695:14pm00:24:567.60m5765
617The Seeds of Death: Episode FourSat15 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:577.10m5574
618The Seeds of Death: Episode ThreeSat8 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:107.50m5565
619The Seeds of Death: Episode TwoSat1 Feb 19695:15pm00:24:266.80m5972
620The Seeds of Death: Episode OneSat25 Jan 19695:16pm00:23:116.60m5768
621The Krotons: Episode FourSat18 Jan 19695:16pm00:22:397.10m5568
622The Krotons: Episode ThreeSat11 Jan 19695:16pm00:21:417.50m5661
623The Krotons: Episode TwoSat4 Jan 19695:15pm00:23:038.40m5754
624The Krotons: Episode OneSat28 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:009.00m5955
625The Invasion: Episode EightSat21 Dec 19685:15pm00:25:037.00m5380
626The Invasion: Episode SevenSat14 Dec 19685:14pm00:24:467.20m5551
627The Invasion: Episode SixSat7 Dec 19685:15pm00:23:206.50m5672
628The Invasion: Episode FiveSat30 Nov 19685:15pm00:23:256.70m5267
629The Invasion: Episode FourSat23 Nov 19685:14pm00:24:186.40m5173
630The Invasion: Episode ThreeSat16 Nov 19685:15pm00:23:447.10m5466
631The Invasion: Episode TwoSat9 Nov 19685:15pm00:24:267.10m5355
632The Invasion: Episode OneSat2 Nov 19685:15pm00:24:327.30m5555
633The Mind Robber: Episode 5Sat12 Oct 19685:20pm00:18:006.70m4984
634The Mind Robber: Episode 4Sat5 Oct 19685:19pm00:19:147.30m5644
635The Mind Robber: Episode 3Sat28 Sep 19685:19pm00:19:297.20m5345
636The Mind Robber: Episode 2Sat21 Sep 19685:18pm00:21:396.50m4954
637The Mind Robber: Episode 1Sat14 Sep 19685:17pm00:22:206.60m5155
638The Dominators: Episode 5Sat7 Sep 19685:14pm00:24:195.90m5364
639The Dominators: Episode 4Sat31 Aug 19685:14pm00:23:547.50m5133
640The Dominators: Episode 3Sat24 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:065.40m5565
641The Dominators: Episode 2Sat17 Aug 19685:14pm00:24:075.90m5561
642The Dominators: Episode 1Sat10 Aug 19685:15pm00:24:256.10m5254
643The Wheel In Space: Episode 6Sat1 Jun 19686:06pm00:23:106.50m6251
644The Wheel In Space: Episode 5Sat25 May 19685:16pm00:21:556.80m5744
645The Wheel In Space: Episode 4Sat18 May 19686:00pm00:24:148.60m5628
646The Wheel In Space: Episode 3Sat11 May 19685:15pm00:24:257.50m5540
647The Wheel In Space: Episode 2Sat4 May 19685:16pm00:22:506.90m6059
648The Wheel In Space: Episode 1Sat27 Apr 19685:15pm00:23:477.20m5740
649Fury From the Deep: Episode 6Sat20 Apr 19685:15pm00:24:246.90m5742
650Fury From the Deep: Episode 5Sat13 Apr 19685:15pm00:23:405.90m5673
651Fury From the Deep: Episode 4Sat6 Apr 19685:15pm00:24:176.60m5662
652Fury From the Deep: Episode 3Sat30 Mar 19685:16pm00:20:297.70m5647
653Fury From the Deep: Episode 2Sat23 Mar 19685:15pm00:23:087.90m5540
654Fury From the Deep: Episode 1Sat16 Mar 19685:14pm00:24:548.20m5546
655The Web of Fear: Episode 6Sat9 Mar 19685:24pm00:24:418.30m5536
656The Web of Fear: Episode 5Sat2 Mar 19685:24pm00:24:198.00m5548
657The Web of Fear: Episode 4Sat24 Feb 19685:24pm00:24:508.40m5352
658The Web of Fear: Episode 3Sat17 Feb 19685:25pm00:24:347.00m5171
659The Web of Fear: Episode 2Sat10 Feb 19685:14pm00:24:386.80m5380
660The Web of Fear: Episode 1Sat3 Feb 19685:24pm00:24:537.20m5482
661The Enemy of the World: Episode 6Sat27 Jan 19685:26pm00:21:418.30m5255
662The Enemy of the World: Episode 5Sat20 Jan 19685:24pm00:24:226.90m4973
663The Enemy of the World: Episode 4Sat13 Jan 19685:25pm00:23:467.80m4966
664The Enemy of the World: Episode 3Sat6 Jan 19685:25pm00:23:057.10m4879
665The Enemy of the World: Episode 2Sat30 Dec 19675:26pm00:23:487.60m4975
666The Enemy of the World: Episode 1Sat23 Dec 19675:25pm00:23:456.80m5089
667The Ice Warriors: SixSat16 Dec 19675:24pm00:23:587.50m5159
668The Ice Warriors: FiveSat9 Dec 19675:24pm00:24:258.00m5044
669The Ice Warriors: FourSat2 Dec 19675:25pm00:24:237.30m5163
670The Ice Warriors: ThreeSat25 Nov 19675:25pm00:23:587.40m5164
671The Ice Warriors: TwoSat18 Nov 19675:24pm00:24:167.10m5271
672The Ice Warriors: OneSat11 Nov 19675:10pm00:24:216.70m5268
673The Abominable Snowmen: Episode SixSat4 Nov 19675:25pm00:23:517.40m5256
674The Abominable Snowmen: Episode FiveSat28 Oct 19675:24pm00:23:517.20m5161
675The Abominable Snowmen: Episode FourSat21 Oct 19675:24pm00:24:117.10m5060
676The Abominable Snowmen: Episode ThreeSat14 Oct 19675:25pm00:23:557.10m5151
677The Abominable Snowmen: Episode TwoSat7 Oct 19675:25pm00:23:156.00m5271
678The Abominable Snowmen: Episode OneSat30 Sep 19675:25pm00:24:156.30m5057
679The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 4Sat23 Sep 19675:50pm00:23:227.40m5034
680The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 3Sat16 Sep 19675:50pm00:24:147.20m4938
681The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 2Sat9 Sep 19675:50pm00:24:446.40m5257
682The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 1Sat2 Sep 19675:49pm00:23:586.00m5357
683The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 7Sat1 Jul 19676:24pm00:24:336.10m5650
684The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 6Sat24 Jun 19675:45pm00:24:486.80m4938
685The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 5Sat17 Jun 19675:44pm00:25:235.10m5362
686The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 4Sat10 Jun 19675:45pm00:24:435.30m5151
687The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 3Sat3 Jun 19675:44pm00:24:276.10m5261
688The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 2Sat27 May 19675:50pm00:25:137.50m5137
689The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1Sat20 May 19676:00pm00:24:078.10m5137
690The Faceless Ones: Episode 6Sat13 May 19675:50pm00:23:388.00m5233
691The Faceless Ones: Episode 5Sat6 May 19675:52pm00:23:347.10m5539
692The Faceless Ones: Episode 4Sat29 Apr 19675:50pm00:24:286.90m5562
693The Faceless Ones: Episode 3Sat22 Apr 19675:50pm00:23:107.90m5343
694The Faceless Ones: Episode 2Sat15 Apr 19675:51pm00:25:226.40m5070
695The Faceless Ones: Episode 1Sat8 Apr 19675:50pm00:23:478.00m5147
696The Macra Terror: Episode 4Sat1 Apr 19675:50pm00:24:418.40m4939
697The Macra Terror: Episode 3Sat25 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:248.50m5245
698The Macra Terror: Episode 2Sat18 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:217.90m4842
699The Macra Terror: Episode 1Sat11 Mar 19675:51pm00:22:588.00m5037
700The Moonbase: Episode 4Sat4 Mar 19675:51pm00:23:288.10m5844