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Episode TitleDate⇩ TimeLengthRatingShareAIChart
1Mummy On The Orient ExpressSat11 Oct 20148:37pm00:46:307.11m26.6%8514
2Kill The MoonSat4 Oct 20148:29pm00:45:006.91m26.6%8220
3The TV MovieMon27 May 19968:29pm01:24:399.08m36.0%7517
4The CaretakerSat27 Sep 20148:29pm00:45:206.82m26.4%8320
5FlatlineSat18 Oct 20148:24pm00:43:206.71m25.5%8523
6Death in HeavenSat8 Nov 20148:02pm00:57:007.60m28.6%8314
7Deep BreathSat23 Aug 20147:52pm01:16:269.17m37.9%822
8GridlockSat14 Apr 20077:40pm00:44:588.40m40.4%857
9The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part ThreeWed28 Dec 19887:39pm00:24:304.80m69108
10The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part FourWed4 Jan 19897:37pm00:24:246.60m6479
11Paradise Towers: Part TwoMon12 Oct 19877:37pm00:24:395.20m5884
12Dragonfire: Part OneMon23 Nov 19877:37pm00:24:015.50m6180
13Paradise Towers: Part ThreeMon19 Oct 19877:36pm00:24:305.00m5879
14A Town Called MercySat15 Sep 20127:36pm00:44:108.42m33.4%859
15Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipSat8 Sep 20127:36pm00:45:107.57m31.9%879
16Silver Nemesis: Part TwoWed30 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:125.20m7094
17Delta and the Bannermen: Part TwoMon9 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:235.10m6093
18Survival: Part OneWed22 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:145.00m6989
19Dragonfire: Part ThreeMon7 Dec 19877:35pm00:24:264.70m6494
20The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part TwoWed21 Dec 19887:35pm00:24:205.30m6699
21Time and the Rani: Part ThreeMon21 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:234.30m5781
22The Happiness Patrol: Part TwoWed9 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:484.60m65104
23Delta and the Bannermen: Part ThreeMon16 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:225.40m6087
24Time and the Rani: Part FourMon28 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:384.90m5986
25Paradise Towers: Part FourMon26 Oct 19877:35pm00:24:215.00m5793
26Survival: Part TwoWed29 Nov 19897:35pm00:24:134.80m6996
27The Happiness Patrol: Part ThreeWed16 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:255.30m6588
28Time and the Rani: Part OneMon7 Sep 19877:35pm00:24:445.10m5871
29Silver Nemesis: Part OneWed23 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:316.10m7176
30Remembrance of the Daleks: Part TwoWed12 Oct 19887:35pm00:24:315.80m6978
31The Happiness Patrol: Part OneWed2 Nov 19887:35pm00:24:515.30m6796
32Battlefield: Part OneWed6 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:063.10m69102
33Dragonfire: Part TwoMon30 Nov 19877:35pm00:24:404.00m6196
34Ghost Light: Part ThreeWed18 Oct 19897:35pm00:24:174.00m64104
35Battlefield: Part ThreeWed20 Sep 19897:35pm00:24:133.60m6795
36Survival: Part ThreeWed6 Dec 19897:35pm00:24:205.00m7191
37Delta and the Bannermen: Part OneMon2 Nov 19877:34pm00:24:475.30m6390
38The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Part OneWed14 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:235.00m6886
39Silver Nemesis: Part ThreeWed7 Dec 19887:34pm00:24:365.20m7098
40Battlefield: Part TwoWed13 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:073.90m6891
41The Curse of Fenric: Part FourWed15 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:164.20m68104
42Battlefield: Part FourWed27 Sep 19897:34pm00:24:144.00m6589
43Remembrance of the Daleks: Part OneWed5 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:335.50m6878
44Remembrance of the Daleks: Part ThreeWed19 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:305.10m7091
45The Curse of Fenric: Part OneWed25 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:234.30m67104
46Paradise Towers: Part OneMon5 Oct 19877:34pm00:24:334.50m6188
47The Curse of Fenric: Part TwoWed1 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:094.00m68104
48Time and the Rani: Part TwoMon14 Sep 19877:34pm00:24:364.20m6385
49Remembrance of the Daleks: Part FourWed26 Oct 19887:34pm00:24:365.00m7296
50Ghost Light: Part TwoWed11 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:184.00m6893
51The Curse of Fenric: Part ThreeWed8 Nov 19897:34pm00:24:114.00m68104
52Ghost Light: Part OneWed4 Oct 19897:34pm00:24:174.20m6894
53Time HeistSat20 Sep 20147:33pm00:45:226.99m29.6%8414
54Robot Of SherwoodSat6 Sep 20147:31pm00:46:167.28m31.1%8210
55The Power Of ThreeSat22 Sep 20127:31pm00:41:157.67m31.8%8713
56ListenSat13 Sep 20147:31pm00:47:507.01m29.6%827
57Into the DalekSat30 Aug 20147:30pm00:45:007.29m30.4%849
58School ReunionSat29 Apr 20067:23pm00:44:108.31m41.6%8512
59Rise of the CybermenSat13 May 20067:23pm00:46:059.22m43.7%866
60Asylum of the DaleksSat1 Sep 20127:21pm00:48:508.33m34.4%896
61The Angels Take ManhattanSat29 Sep 20127:20pm00:44:157.82m32.0%8813
62The Five DoctorsFri25 Nov 19837:20pm01:30:237.70m7554
63Tooth and ClawSat22 Apr 20067:18pm00:44:309.24m42.9%8310
64New EarthSat15 Apr 20067:16pm00:44:058.62m40.2%859
6542Sat19 May 20077:15pm00:45:257.41m37.1%8416
66UtopiaSat16 Jun 20077:15pm00:45:507.84m38.2%8714
67The Sound of DrumsSat23 Jun 20077:15pm00:46:107.51m40.0%8711
68The Girl Who WaitedSat10 Sep 20117:14pm00:46:027.60m38.8%8513
69The Family of BloodSat2 Jun 20077:12pm00:42:557.21m40.9%8613
70The God ComplexSat17 Sep 20117:11pm00:47:546.77m28.3%8618
71Human NatureSat26 May 20077:11pm00:45:007.74m38.0%8613
72The Stolen EarthSat28 Jun 20087:11pm00:45:408.78m42.1%912
73Closing TimeSat24 Sep 20117:10pm00:45:116.93m29.4%8620
74BlinkSat9 Jun 20077:10pm00:43:406.62m38.4%8716
75MidnightSat14 Jun 20087:10pm00:43:508.05m39.8%865
76Let's Kill HitlerSat27 Aug 20117:09pm00:48:088.10m33.3%8511
77Four To Doomsday: Part FourTue26 Jan 19827:06pm00:24:539.40m53
78Earthshock: Part TwoTue9 Mar 19827:05pm00:24:238.80m50
79Time-Flight: Part TwoTue23 Mar 19827:05pm00:23:588.50m48
80The Visitation: Part TwoTue16 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:269.30m48
81Castrovalva: Part FourTue12 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:1210.40m46
82Kinda: Part FourTue9 Feb 19827:05pm00:24:288.90m56
83The Visitation: Part FourTue23 Feb 19827:05pm00:23:3210.10m40
84Four To Doomsday: Part TwoTue19 Jan 19827:05pm00:24:118.80m61
85The Wedding of River SongSat1 Oct 20117:05pm00:45:227.67m32.0%8616
86Last of the Time LordsSat30 Jun 20077:05pm00:51:258.61m40.6%8810
87Kinda: Part TwoTue2 Feb 19827:04pm00:24:589.40m45
88Black Orchid: Part TwoTue2 Mar 19827:04pm00:24:4110.10m55
89Earthshock: Part FourTue16 Mar 19827:03pm00:24:289.60m40
90Castrovalva: Part TwoTue5 Jan 19827:02pm00:24:138.60m84
91Silence in the LibrarySat31 May 20087:02pm00:43:006.27m27.7%8927
92The Christmas InvasionSun25 Dec 20057:02pm00:58:559.84m43.5%849
93Fear HerSat24 Jun 20067:02pm00:43:507.14m41.2%8320
94Night TerrorsSat3 Sep 20117:01pm00:42:347.07m29.8%8619
95Nightmare in SilverSat11 May 20137:01pm00:44:326.64m27.1%8422
96World War ThreeSat23 Apr 20057:01pm00:40:407.98m40.2%8120
97Father's DaySat14 May 20057:01pm00:42:508.06m44.4%8317
98Boom TownSat4 Jun 20057:01pm00:43:157.68m39.0%8218
99Cold BloodSat29 May 20107:01pm00:44:557.49m31.9%869
100The Satan PitSat10 Jun 20067:01pm00:47:106.08m38.0%8619