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Sonia Markham

Last updated 04 March 2016

Production Credits
Make-up Designer: The Crusade(uncredited); The Daleks' Master Plan(uncredited) | as Make-up: The Ark(uncredited); The Celestial Toymaker(uncredited); The Gunfighters(uncredited); The Savages(uncredited); The War Machines(uncredited); The Smugglers(uncredited) | as Make-up Supervisor: The Sensorites(uncredited); The Reign Of Terror(uncredited); Planet of Giants; The Dalek Invasion of Earth(uncredited); The Rescue(uncredited); The Romans(uncredited); The Web Planet(uncredited); The Space Museum(uncredited); The Chase(uncredited); The Time Meddler(uncredited); Galaxy 4(uncredited); Mission to the Unknown(uncredited); The Myth Makers(uncredited); The Daleks' Master Plan(uncredited); The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve(uncredited) | as Make-up supervised by: The Space Museum(uncredited)
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Sonia Markham (1938-2016) - Image Credit: Chuck Foster
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Sonia Markham

Born: 1938
Died: March 2016 (age: 78)

Make-Up artist on Doctor Who, from The Sensorites through to The Smugglers.