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Bernard Lodge

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Title Sequence: An Unearthly Child(uncredited); The Daleks(uncredited); The Edge of Destruction(uncredited); Marco Polo(uncredited); The Keys of Marinus(uncredited); The Aztecs(uncredited); The Sensorites(uncredited); The Reign Of Terror(uncredited); Planet of Giants(uncredited); The Dalek Invasion of Earth(uncredited); The Rescue(uncredited); The Romans(uncredited); The Web Planet(uncredited); The Crusade(uncredited); The Space Museum(uncredited); The Chase(uncredited); The Time Meddler(uncredited); Galaxy 4(uncredited); Mission to the Unknown(uncredited); The Myth Makers(uncredited); The Daleks' Master Plan(uncredited); The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve(uncredited); The Ark(uncredited); The Celestial Toymaker(uncredited); The Gunfighters(uncredited); The Savages(uncredited); The War Machines(uncredited); The Smugglers(uncredited); The Tenth Planet(uncredited); The Power of the Daleks(uncredited); The Highlanders(uncredited); The Underwater Menace(uncredited); The Moonbase(uncredited); The Macra Terror(uncredited); The Faceless Ones(uncredited); The Evil of the Daleks(uncredited); The Tomb of the Cybermen(uncredited); The Abominable Snowmen(uncredited); The Ice Warriors(uncredited); The Enemy of the World(uncredited); The Web of Fear(uncredited); Fury From the Deep(uncredited); The Wheel In Space(uncredited); The Dominators(uncredited); The Mind Robber(uncredited); The Invasion(uncredited); The Krotons(uncredited); The Seeds of Death(uncredited); The Space Pirates(uncredited); The War Games(uncredited); Spearhead From Space(uncredited); Doctor Who And The Silurians(uncredited); The Ambassadors of Death(uncredited); Inferno(uncredited); Terror of the Autons(uncredited); The Mind of Evil(uncredited); The Claws of Axos(uncredited); Colony In Space(uncredited); The Dæmons(uncredited); Day of the Daleks(uncredited); The Curse of Peladon(uncredited); The Sea Devils(uncredited); The Mutants(uncredited); The Time Monster(uncredited); The Three Doctors(uncredited); Carnival Of Monsters(uncredited); Frontier In Space(uncredited); Planet of the Daleks(uncredited); The Green Death(uncredited); The Time Warrior; Invasion of the Dinosaurs; Death to the Daleks; The Monster of Peladon; Planet of the Spiders; Robot; The Ark In Space; The Sontaran Experiment; Genesis of the Daleks; Revenge of the Cybermen; Terror of the Zygons; Planet of Evil; Pyramids of Mars; The Android Invasion; The Brain of Morbius; The Seeds of Doom; The Masque of Mandragora; The Hand Of Fear; The Deadly Assassin; The Face of Evil; The Robots of Death; The Talons of Weng-Chiang; Horror of Fang Rock; The Invisible Enemy(uncredited); Image of the Fendahl(uncredited); The Sun Makers(uncredited); Underworld(uncredited); The Invasion of Time(uncredited); The Ribos Operation(uncredited); The Pirate Planet(uncredited); The Stones of Blood(uncredited); The Androids of Tara(uncredited); The Power of Kroll(uncredited); The Armageddon Factor(uncredited); Destiny of the Daleks(uncredited); City of Death(uncredited); The Creature from the Pit(uncredited); Nightmare of Eden(uncredited); The Horns of Nimon(uncredited); Shada(uncredited)
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Bernard Lodge
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Bernard Lodge

Born: 1933 (age: 82)


Bernard Lodge designed the first five title sequences used for Doctor Who. 

These were the ones used from An Unearthly Child to The Moonbase; from The Macra Terror to The War Games; from Spearhead from Space to The Green Death; from The Time Warrior to Planet of the Spiders; and from Robot to The Horns of Nimon.

His designs were used until 1981 when Sid Sutton was appointed as the new designer by producer John Nathan-Turner.

In 1974 Lodge won a RTS Television Award for Best Graphics, becoming the first people involved in Doctor Who to win an award for his work.