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Part One

Part One

Series Episode Number: 609

World Premiere: Thu 26 Jan 1984 - 6:41pm GMT [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Sun 16 Dec 1984 - 11:00pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 39 seconds

8.00 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 66 (UK)

Chart Position: 58 () (UK)

Captain Revere is the latest victim to be sucked beneath the surface of Frontios, leaving the young Plantagenet to run the colony. The TARDIS has also been 'destroyed'.

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorPeter Davison
TeganJanet Fielding
TurloughMark Strickson
BrazenPeter Gilmore
NornaLesley Dunlop
RangeWilliam Lucas
PlantagenetJeff Rawle
CockerillMaurice O'Connell
OrderlyRichard Ashley
StuntsNick Wilkinson (uncredited)
WarnsmanJim Dowdall (uncredited)
Captain RevereJohn Beardmore (uncredited)
OrderlyJohn Greening (uncredited)
OrderlyKeith Norish (uncredited)
OrderlyDaniel D'Arcy (uncredited)
OrderlyBarry McKenna (uncredited)
OrderlyMiles Ross (uncredited)
OrderlyChris Holmes (uncredited)
OrderlyIan Marshall (uncredited)
OrderlyJohn Hamilton Russell (uncredited)
OrderlyJohn Hamilton Russell (uncredited)
PatientSue Somerset (uncredited)
PatientRita Daniels (uncredited)
PatientBarbie Denham (uncredited)
PatientJay McGrath (uncredited)
PatientJoe Phillips (uncredited)
PatientMichael Jefferies (uncredited)
ParamedicKevin Goss (uncredited)
ParamedicDominic Reyntiens (uncredited)
ParamedicLinda Kent (uncredited)
ParamedicJudy Collins (uncredited)
ColonistMonica Ramone (uncredited)
ColonistPenny Rigden (uncredited)
ColonistJudith Jeffery (uncredited)
ColonistCaroline Hatch (uncredited)
ColonistRobert Peters (uncredited)
ColonistFernando Monast (uncredited)
ColonistRobert Goodman (uncredited)
ColonistLaurie Goode (uncredited)
ColonistPeter Gates Fleming (uncredited)
ColonistTerry Bradford (uncredited)