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Episode Three

Episode Three

Series Episode Number: 301

World Premiere: Sat 5 Jun 1971 - 6:11pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Mon 22 Dec 1975 - 6:30pm CST [WTTW 11 Chicago]
Running Time: 24 minutes 27 seconds

8.10 Million (UK)

Chart Position: 34 () (UK)

Recorded on Wed 19 May 1971 in TC4
Archive State: PAL Restor

The Doctor attempts to help the Brigadier penetrate the heat barrier, but is attacked by the Master's servant in a helicopter. The Master prepares to summon the Daemon Azal.

Characters hide uncredited
Doctor WhoJon Pertwee
Brigadier Lethbridge-StewartNicholas Courtney
The MasterRoger Delgado
Jo GrantKaty Manning
Mike YatesRichard Franklin
Sergeant BentonJohn Levene
Miss HawthorneDamaris Hayman
Bert the LandlordDon McKillop
WinstanleyRollo Gamble
Dr. ReevesEric Hillyard
Tom GirtonJon Croft
Sgt. OsgoodAlec Linstead
ThorpeJohn Owens
BokStanley Mason
Stunt ManPamela Deveraux (uncredited)
Stunt ManPeter Diamond (uncredited)
CharlieJohn Scott Martin (uncredited)
Stunt DoubleJohn Crane (uncredited)
SoldierAndrew Butcher (uncredited)
SoldierGeorge Mackie (uncredited)
SoldierJim Davidson (uncredited)
SoldierPaul Stone (uncredited)
SoldierRon Taylor (uncredited)
SoldierTerry Denton (uncredited)
UNIT DriverJW Phillips (uncredited)
UNIT DriverR Dixon (uncredited)
VillagerBill Burridge (uncredited)
VillagerBill Gosling (uncredited)
VillagerBill Lodge (uncredited)
VillagerCharles Finch (uncredited)
VillagerCharles Shaw Hesketh (uncredited)
VillagerErnest Blyth (uncredited)
VillagerGeoffrey Witherick (uncredited)
VillagerGladys Bacon (uncredited)
VillagerIan Elliott (uncredited)
VillagerKeith Ashley (uncredited)
VillagerLawrence Archer (uncredited)
VillagerMichael Earl (uncredited)
VillagerMichael Moore (uncredited)
VillagerMo Race (uncredited)
VillagerRenne Roberts (uncredited)
VillagerRex Rashley (uncredited)
VillagerRonald Mayer (uncredited)
VillagerWalter Goodman (uncredited)
Double for Tom Girton (helicopter pilot)Mike Smith (uncredited)