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Jason Paginton

Last updated 28 September 2015

Jason Paginton

The Role in the Christmas Invasion was that of a concerned husband who's wife is put into a trance by the invading aliens. Unable to stop her he stands next to the Doctor in horror as they all stand on the roof tops ready to jump. 

The same character can be seen shopping just before the mechanical santa's kick into action. 
A year later the same character can be seen in the Torchwood episode "Small World" where the nefarious Goodson runs through the market and slams into the character bouncing off and crashing to the groundand then coughing up petals.


The above is just a small synopsis of the role i played sadly my talking part was cut from the Christmas Invasion were i begged in tears (real ones lol) for my wife to stop and snap out of the trance.....yes i slapped her but she was my actual wife.

I was lucky to be in Torchwood at the begining and be a little gobssmacked when Russel asked me to swear and use the F-Word and threaten Goodson after he falls to the floor......didn't realise at the time it wasnt PG