Max Bollinger

Last updated 09 January 2020

Max Bollinger
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Max Bollinger

Born: Friday 29th November 1974 (age: 49)


Max Bollinger played Mikhail Kerenski in the 2009 story The Waters of Mars. 

He also portayed Pavel Fedorin in Big Finish's Singularity.

Born in Russia Max Bollinger spent his childhood in the south, near the Black Sea, now Ukraine and moved to England in 1993. He is now based in London, speaks fluent English and Russian. Graduated with 1st Class degree in economics and IT.

Was first seen on TV as Charles Allcock in BBC's television film about Margo Leadbetter, a character from popular British sitcom "The Good Life" set in the 70s. Charles was Margo's secret lover who she met at the "Young Conservatives Club". Directed by Margy Kinmonth Walters.