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Graham Duff

Last updated 09 January 2020

Graham Duff

Born: Monday 13th April 1964 (age: 57)

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Graham Duff is an English writer, actor and producer. 

His work for TV and radio is typified by intricate plotting, large casts, frequently dark subject matter and a love of wordplay and surrealism. 

His writing is influenced by the worlds of horror and science fiction, musical sub-cultures and the realms of fine art and art house cinema. He is a noted music enthusiast, having worked as a DJ and selected all the soundtrack music for seven series of his TV show Ideal, as well as curating an Ideal soundtrack album and helping to release albums by the left-field bands Celebricide and Cyclobe. 

He also worked as a script editor on seven series of BBC Radio 4's 'Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!' and the Alan Partridge movie 'Alpha Papa' (2013).