Michael Peake

Last updated 09 January 2020

Michael Peake (1918-1967)
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Michael Peake

Born: December 1918
Died: Saturday 1st April 1967 (age: 48)


Born in 1918, Michael Peake appeared in a large number of films and television shows during the 1950s and 60s. He featured in many small roles in shows such as The Avengers, The Saint and Z Cars, as well as narrating TV show ‘The Ambermere Treasure’ and starring in eight episodes of ITV’s ‘Richard The Lionheart’ in 1962, most notably playing the role of Conrad of Monferrat.

In 1965, Peake made his only appearance in Doctor Who, featuring in The Romans as Tavius, a Christian who, with the aid of Maximus Pettulian, aimed to murder Emperor Nero, at the same time assisting Ian and Barbara in their bid to escape from Nero’s palace.

Peake died on April 1st 1967, aged just 48.