Sandra Bryant

Last updated 09 January 2020

Sandra Bryant
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Sandra Bryant

Born: Sunday 30th September 1945 (age: 78)


Sanda Bryant is a British television actress.

In 1967-68 she released two 45rpm singles in the UK: "Girl With Money" c/w "Golden Hours" on Major Minor MM 523 and "Out To Get You" c/w "There's No Lock On My Door" on Major Minor MM 553. Both are popular with collectors due to the Soul-Beat dance styled music on both, although neither were chart hits.

Ahe appeared in Breakaway, Not on Your NellieBilly LiarHoliday on the BusesShe'll Follow You AnywhereThe Fenn Street GangOn the BusesWhatever Happened to the Likely Lads?Special BranchNo, That's Me Over Here!Wuthering HeightsThe ExpertRogues' GalleryCoronation StreetHer Majesty's PleasureDrivewayMr. RoseSat'day While SundayEmergency-Ward 10Z CarsSuspenseCarry on Teacher