Paul Symonds

Last updated 03 May 2015

Production Credits
Producer: as Assistant Producer: A Noble Return[Factual]; The Italian Job[Factual]; Send in the Clones[Factual]; Sontar-Ha![Factual]; Sins of the Fathers[Factual]; Nemesis[Factual]; River Runs Deep[Factual]; Look Who's Talking[Factual]; Friends and Foe[Factual]; Call Me The Doctor[Factual]; Eyes Wide Open[Factual]; Blinded by the Light[Factual]; A Brush with Genius[Factual]; Extra Time[Factual]; Open All Hours[Factual] | as Edit Producer: Oods and Ends[Factual]; Shadow Play[Factual]; Here Come the Girls[Factual]; The End of an Era[Factual]; Is There Life on Mars?[Factual]; War Games[Factual]; Arthurian Legend[Factual]; Breaking the Silence[Factual]; River Runs Wild[Factual] | as Screen Sequence Edit Producer: Doctor Who Prom (2008)[Music]
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Paul Symonds

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