Donald Bisset

Last updated 09 January 2020

Donald Bisset

Born: Tuesday 30th August 1910
Died: Thursday 10th August 1995 (age: 84)


Donald Bisset was a British actor. 

He played Colin McLaren in the 1966 Doctor Who story The Highlanders.

He also wrote stories for children which he mostly illustrated himself. They have been translated into 16 languages.

He worked on The BillThe Black Velvet GownCampionOne Foot in the GraveAgatha Christie: PoirotWilliam TellThe Hound of the BaskervillesLittle DorritParadise PostponedThe Return of the AntelopeThe Invisible ManA Pattern of RosesOnly Fools and Horses....RagtimeScarf JackSmugglerThe Old Curiosity ShopLes MiserablesThe ProfessionalsThe Thirty Nine StepsLife of ShakespeareWarlords of AtlantisLove for LydiaBeryl's LotAre You Being Served?Escape from the DarkThe Bawdy Adventures of Tom JonesPlay for TodayThe PallisersMicrobes and MenThe Double DealersPollyannaFreewheelersClinic ExclusiveFor the Love of AdaNearest and DearestBlind TerrorYakDoctor in the HouseTwo a PennyThe Six Wives of Henry VIIICarry on Again DoctorSpecial BranchZ CarsThe Beverly HillbilliesThe ExpertMum's BoysThe TroubleshootersRocket to the MoonEye of the DevilR3No Hiding PlaceThe SaintThorndykeThe Indian Tales of Rudyard KiplingBoyd Q.C.The Hidden TruthHide and SeekCraneDr. Finlay's CasebookSuspenseThe Odd ManDixon of Dock GreenThe PursuersEmergency-Ward 10The Adventures of Robin HoodOn TrialA Touch of LarcenyThe Battle of the SexesFriends and NeighboursThe Headless GhostBroth of a BoyUp the CreekThe New Adventures of Martin KaneLittle Red MonkeyThe Brain MachineBBC Sunday-Night TheatreMurder in the CathedralMovie-Go-Round