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Andre Maranne

Last updated 27 July 2014

Andre Maranne
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Andre Maranne

Born: 1926 (age: 95)


André Maranne is an Anglo-French actor who appeared chiefly in English-language roles from the mid 1950s.

Born in ToulouseFrance, Maranne's most prominent recurring role was Sergeant François Chevalier in six of The Pink Panther films, alongside Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom. Before the Pink Panther, he cameoed in the James Bond movie Thunderball. He also appeared in diverse television programmes as Jason King ("Wanna buy a television series?", 1971), Fawlty Towers (as André in the 1975 "Gourmet Night" episode), Lord Peter Wimsey ("Clouds of Witness", 1972), Yes MinisterAll Creatures Great and Small, and Doctor Who (The Moonbase, 1967).

Maranne was also a co-presenter of four in the French Teaching Programme, "Bonjour Francoise" on the BBC in the Sixties.

He voiced M. Bouc in a BBC Radio 4 transmission of Murder on the Orient Express (1993–1994).

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