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Ian Brooker

Last updated 22 April 2016

Ian Brooker has worked on
Big Finish 45 episodes

Acting Credits
2001Big Finish: Invasion of the DaleksAdmiral Cheviat/Ed Byers/Roboman
Big Finish: The Human FactorWenay/Drudger/Gurian
Big Finish: Death to the Daleks!Espeelius/Karik/Elisonford
Big Finish: Project InfinityEspeelius
2002Big Finish: Embrace the DarknessROSM / Solarian / Cimmerian
2003Big Finish: Chapter OneMarber/Drudger
Big Finish: Chapter Two
Big Finish: Chapter ThreeSparks/Marber
Big Finish: Auld MortalitySurus
Big Finish: Full Fathom FiveThe New Doctor
Big Finish: DeadlineSydney
Big Finish: The WormeryBarman
2004Big Finish: The ExterminatorsMietok
Big Finish: The Healers
Big Finish: The Survivors
Big Finish: The Demons
Big Finish: The Warriors
Big Finish: The Future
Big Finish: The LastMinister Voss
2005Big Finish: A Storm of AngelsShewstone/Bosun
Big Finish: Snake HeadDr Hendrick
Big Finish: ScorpiusHeliton/Hendry/Glaust/Karen's Father/Protester
Big Finish: FearGorlan/Commander/Android Tech/Security
Big Finish: ConversionHendry/Spavin
Big Finish: Telos
2006Big Finish: The SettlingColonel Sinnott
Big Finish: Something InsideTwyst
2007Big Finish: The Fearless Part 1General Croft/Shuttle Pilot
Big Finish: The Fearless Part 2: The Fearless Part 1General Croft/Spacer/PA/MP/Medic
2008Big Finish: The Fearless Part 4Officer
2009Big Finish: Wirrn DawnWinslet
Big Finish: Venus MantrapVice Chancellor Safton Twisk
Big Finish: Cyberman 2: OutsidersYan
Big Finish: Return of the KrotonsRomilly
2010Big Finish: Point of EntrySir Francis Walsingham
Big Finish: An Earthly ChildPresident of the Earth Council/Policeman/Air Control/Helicopter
2014Big Finish: Dark Eyes: 2: The TraitorDr Herbert Goring/Viyran
2015Big Finish: The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories: The Entropy CompositionNaloom
Big Finish: The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories: Special FeaturesProfessor Bromley/Narrator
2016Big Finish: The Memory BankArchivist/Computer/Elder
Big Finish: ShockwaveCaptain OhOne
Big Finish: Cyberman 2: ExtinctionYan
Big Finish: The Memory Bank and Other Stories: The Last Fairy TaleArchivist/Computer/Elder
Big Finish: Dark Eyes: 2: The White RoomDr Herbert Goring/Viyran
Big Finish: The Memory Bank and Other Stories: The BecomingArchivist/Computer/Elder
Big Finish: Cyberman 2: MachinesYan
Big Finish: Dark Eyes: 2: Eyes of the MasterDr Herbert Goring/Viyran
Big Finish: The Memory Bank and Other Stories: Repeat OffenderArchivist/Computer/Elder
Big Finish: Cyberman 2: TerrorYan
Big Finish: Dark Eyes: 2: Time's HorizonDr Herbert Goring/Viyran