Simon Robinson

Last updated 01 May 2016

Production Credits
Sound: The Bone of Contention[BF]; The Kingdom of the Blind[BF]; The Lost Museum[BF]; The Goddess Quandary[BF]; The Crystal of Cantus[BF]; Timeless Passages[BF]; No Man's Land[BF]; Absolution[BF]; Dead London[BF]; The Haunting of Thomas Brewster[BF]; Time Reef / A Perfect World[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Judgement of Isskar[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Destroyer of Delights[BF]; The Key 2 Time - Chaos Pool[BF]; Mission to Magnus[BF]; Leviathan[BF]; Survival of the Fittest[BF]; Paradise 5[BF]; The Architects of History[BF]; Thin Ice[BF]; Crime of the Century[BF]; Animal[BF]; Earth Aid[BF]; Hexagora[BF]; Wirrn Isle[BF]; Power Play[BF]; The First Sontarans[BF]; Many Happy Returns[BF]; The Wrong Doctors[BF]; Council of War[BF]; Starlight Robbery[BF]; The War to End All Wars[BF]; Masquerade[BF]; Living Legend[BF]
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Simon Robinson

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