Sonny Caldinez

Last updated 15 April 2022

Sonny Caldinez (1932-2022)
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Sonny Caldinez

Born: Friday 1st July 1932
Died: Tuesday 12th April 2022 (age: 89)


Sonny Caldinez  is aTrinidadian actor, best known for his appearances as various Ice Warriors on Doctor Who. He is noted for his formidable height.

Caldinez has played Ice Warriors in all the classic Doctor Who serials in which they have been involved. His Ice Warrior roles include Turoc from The Ice Warriors, an Ice Warrior in The Seeds of Death, Ssorg in The Curse of Peladon and Sskel in The Monster of Peladon. 

He also appeared as Kemel in The Evil of the Daleks. 

Other television roles include Abdullah on Sexton and Blake and the mulatto on The Return of Sherlock Holmes(episode "Wisteria Lodge").

He has also appeared in small roles in a few films, including Ali G Indahouse, Arabian Adventure,The Man with the Golden Gun, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Fifth Elemen