Colin Prockter

Last updated 27 July 2014

Colin Prockter
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Colin Prockter


Colin Prockter is an actor and TV writer who has appeared on many TV series and films since the 1960s. He is probably best known for his role as Eddie Maddocks in Coronation Street(2005).

He has portrayed two characters is Doctor Who. In 2005 he played the Head Chef in The Long Game and in 2010 he portrayed an ARP Warden in Victory of the Daleks.

Other works include ToastRock & ChipsHeartbeatThe ConfessorDoctorsSecret Diary of a Call GirlCoronation StreetHexThe BillAfterlifeAccording to BexTeachersMy FamilyCasualtyTrial & RetributionThe Infinite Worlds of H.G. WellsThe Whistle-BlowerKavanagh QCGrange HillIn Suspicious CircumstancesThe Famous FiveFeast of JulyHannayMinderPrecious BaneDempsey and MakepeacePlay for TodayGoodbye DarlingThe Children of the New ForestJustineThe SweeneyRansomNew Scotland YardBudgieA Family at WarThe BorderersParkin's PatchZ Cars