Christine Rawlins

Last updated 05 March 2013

Christine Rawlins


Christine Rawlins was the credited costumer for season 7 of Doctor Who. She later designed costumes for The Sun Makers. Along with Daphne Dare, she was one of only two people who received the credit on an entire season's serials

Her most enduring design was likely the basic early "look" of the Third Doctor, which was based on the look of the titular character in Adam Adamant Lives!, at least according to Rawlins' recollections. As the exclusive costumer for season 7, she also designed all of Liz Shaw's garments.

Likewise, she had significant contributions to make to the iconic looks of certain recurring enemies. She was responsible for the bodies of the Autons and Silurians, while the visual effects department supplied the masks. 

Doctor Who was one of Rawlins first credits, having come to Who from her first major gig on the first series of The Liver Birds, starring Pauline Collins. After Who she was the costumer on an episode of Out of the Unknown written by Brian Hayles, while simultaneously working on the iconic comedy, Are You Being Served?. She next did a few episodes of Terry Nation's Survivors. She worked steadily throughout the next three decades, costuming such productions as: An Englishman's Castle with Nigel Havers, Isla Blair, Philip Bond, and Rob Edwards; the children's fantasy, The Box of Delights with Patrick Troughton; the comedy Ever Decreasing Circles with Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton; and the mystery series Rosemary & Thyme starring Felicity Kendal.

She won a BAFTA TV award for her work on 1987's Fortunes of War, starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson, and featuring Ronald Pickup, Vernon Dobtcheff, Anthony Calf, Barry Jackson, Clifford Rose, and Patricia Quinn.

Biography from the Tardis Wiki article, licensed under CC-BY-SA