Pik-Sen Lim

Last updated 27 July 2014

Pik-Sen Lim
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Pik-Sen Lim

Born: 1944 (age: 80)


Pik-Sen Lim (Chinese林碧笙, born 1944) is a Chinese-British actress who has appeared on British television since the 1950s. She is best known for playing the character of Su-Lee, the Chinese Communist student in the British sitcom Mind Your Language (1977–79).

Lim was born under the name of Lim Phaik Seng in PenangMalaysia, and was the daughter of the palm oil millionaire Lim Cheng Taik. She attended convent school in Penang, where she was nicknamed "Pixie". Against the wishes of her family, she moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 16 to study at the London School of Dramatic Art. Here, she changed her name because her friends would mispronounce "Phaik" as "fake".

In 1964, she appeared in the hospital drama series Emergency Ward 10, playing a nurse. There she met scriptwriter Don Houghton, whom she married. Her daughter by him, Sara Houghton, is also an actress, and they were once cast as mother and daughter in Three Thousand Troubled Threads. She also appeared in Don Houghton-scripted Doctor Who serial The Mind of Evil in 1971, and the first three seasons of the sitcom Mind Your Language speaking Hokkien as her Chinese language. Here, she had to speak in an exaggerated, stereotyped Chinese accent, despite the fact that her English is perfect.

Her later appearances are roles in the short-lived soap operas Albion Market (1985) and Night and Day (2003), as well asArabian Nights (2000), The Bill (2005), and as a character in the comedy series Little Britain (2004).

Pik-Sen Lim appeared on Casualty on 17 April 2010. She appears as the killer cleaning-lady in Johnny English Reborn(2011).

She is the narrator of the video game Dark Souls.