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Simon Malloy

Last updated 09 January 2020

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TV Crew: The Dæmons(uncredited)
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Simon Malloy

Born: Friday 24th October 1947 (age: 73)


Actor who did Stunt work on The Deamons

Simon Malloy's first job was as a journalist on the 'Bridgwater Mercury'. He left the newspaper to go to drama school.

He began his acting career at Derby Playhouse in 1972 and it has included hundreds of roles in theatre, film, TV and radio.

His TV debut was as a conman, Jim Potts, in 'Coronation Street', trying to sell a dodgy shower to Ena Sharples.

But much of his TV career has been spent on the other side of the law as policemen - including Sir Robert Peel (in a drama documentary) and D.I. Shiner in 'Heartbeat' from 1997-2005.

He's older now, playing judges. 'The Innocent', 'Heart', 'Emmerdale', 'Wire in the Blood', 'Poirot', 'Eastenders'...

Mini Biography By: Simon Molloy