Declan Mulholland

Last updated 09 January 2020

Declan Mulholland (1932-1999)
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Thomas Declan Mulholland

Born: Tuesday 6th December 1932
Died: Tuesday 29th June 1999 (age: 66)

Declan Mulholland was a Northern Irish character actor who appeared in dozens of television shows and films.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, his first role was in the 1962 British film H.M.S. Defiant as Morrison. Mulholland acted as Jabba the Hutt in a deleted scene of the original Star Wars (1977). The scene was later placed back into the movie for the film's twentieth anniversary re-release in 1997 replacing Mulholland with a computerized Jabba. He had a substantial part in the 1975Amicus Productions film The Land That Time Forgot.

His many TV appearances included the Doctor Who stories The Sea Devils (1972) and The Androids of Tara (1978), The BillThe Onedin LineTo the Manor Born and Quatermass (TV serial).

Mulholland died of a brain tumor in June 1999.

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