Victor Maddern

Last updated 09 January 2020

Victor Jack Maddern

Born: Friday 16th March 1928
Died: Tuesday 22nd June 1993 (age: 65)


Victor Maddern was a dark-haired, thin-lipped British cockney character actor, who specialised in playing tough privates, NCO's and sergeants. Occasionally seen in comedic roles, including in some of the 'Carry On' films.

He played John Robson in the Doctor Who story Fury from the Deep.

Born in Seven KingsIlfordEssex, Maddern was one of large group of dependable supporting actors that British film produced over the years.

Maddern joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 15 and served in the Second World War from 1943 until medically discharged in 1946. He subsequently trained for RADA. He made his first screen appearance in Seven Days to Noon in 1950, playing a reluctant soldier obliged to shoot a psychotic scientist.

One of his earliest stage roles was Sam Weller in The Trial of Mr Pickwick in 1952. As Helicon in a production of Albert Camus' play Caligula, in 1964, Maddern was singled out for critical praise, and in My Darling Daisy (1970) he brought a fine Cockney bravado and arrogance to the portrait of the notorious Frank Harris. He also did two stints in the highly successful Agatha Christie play The Mousetrap - the West End's longest-running play.

From 1950 to the early 1990s Maddern could be seen in any number of films and TV shows, often playing military types. He was usually cast as sergeants or corporals, as well as private soldiers, seaman or airmen, played straight or for broad comic effect. Among his many television roles, were Private Gross in Denis Cannan's Captain Carvallo and old Lampwick's son-in-law in the popular The Dick Emery Show.

In addition to acting, Maddern ran a script printing business, and in 1991 he opened a public speaking school. A lifelong Conservative voter, he offered special rates to Conservative MPs and constituency workers.

In his later years, Maddern devoted much of his time to charitable work. He was married with four daughters. He died from a brain tumour in 1993.