Esmond Knight

Last updated 09 January 2020

Esmond Knight (1906-1987)
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Esmond Penington Knight

Born: Sunday 4th March 1906
Died: Monday 23rd February 1987 (age: 80)


Esmond Knight was an accomplished actor with a career spanning over half a century. For much of his career he was virtually blind, having been badly injured in 1941 whilst on active service on board HMS Prince of Wales when she fought the Bismarck at the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

He remained totally blind for two years, though later regained some sight in his right eye. During this period, Esmond dictated an early autobiography to his secretary, Annabella Cloudsley, Seeking The Bubble. He went on to play the captain of the his old ship in the 1960 film Sink the Bismarck!

He starred as Professor Ernest Reinhart in the 1961 British science fiction television series, A for Andromeda, alongside Patricia Kneale and Peter Halliday.

Knight died in 1987, having suffered a heart attack.