Susan Vidler

Last updated 27 July 2014

Susan Vidler
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Susan Vidler

Born: 1972 (age: 52)

Gordon and French (Agent)

Susan Vidler played Sharon in The Big Bang.

Susan Vidler was born in Scotland but spent five years of her childhood in South Africa before returning home to complete her education at Prestonlodge High School, Prestonpans in East Lothian and then going on to study acting at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

Stagework followed,including the theatrical version of 'Trainspotting', in which she played the junkie mum Alison, a role she repeated in the film adaptation. In 1997 she appeared in a short film - also about drug addicts - entitled 'California Sunshine' directed by David Mackenzie and starring his brother Alistair. 

Also worked on Notes from the UndergroundSecond ChanceVolumeThe Adventures of DanielThe PassportCasualtyHustleStackedFalloutClive HoleRebusHe SaidVoice from AfarPoppiesEngland ExpectsThe Last DetectiveThat Old OneWilbur Wants to Kill HimselfAloneBaby BlueThe Wedding TackleLove in the 21st CenturyThe JumpKavanagh QCCluelessInsomniaCalifornia SunshineMacbeth on the EstateStone ColdThe Woman in WhiteShort Sharp ShocksTrainspottingFlowers of the ForestThe BillDrop the Dead Donkey , A Dark Adapted Eye,  CrackerNaked