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Malcolm Terris

Last updated 28 October 2020

Malcolm Terris (1941-2020)
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Malcolm Terris

Born: Saturday 11th January 1941
Died: October 2020 (age: 79)


Malcolm Terris is a British actor from Sunderland.

He appeared in the 1979 Doctor Who story Horns of Nimon.

He had a lengthy career in a large number of television programmes. Possibly his best known role was in When the Boat Comes In, a popular 1970s series, where he played the part of Matt Headley.

He also played the part of Dr. Thomas Huggan, ship's surgeon, in the 1984 film The Bounty.

In April 2011 he appeared as Len Merryman in an episode of Midsomer Murders.