Hugh Morton

Last updated 09 January 2020

Hugh Morton

Born: Sunday 28th June 1903
Died: Wednesday 11th July 1984 (age: 81)


Hugh Morton played Sir James Gregson in the Doctor Who story The Seeds of Death.

With Bernadette Hodgson as wife Steve, was the first actor to play Francis Durbridge's sleuth Paul Temple in three BBC Radio serials from April 1938 ("Send for Paul Temple") to December 1939 ("News of Paul Temple").

Also worked on Hammer House of Mystery and SuspenseOxford BluesLadykillersThe Life and Times of David Lloyd GeorgeThe ProfessionalsBBC2 PlayhouseInvasionWhy Didn't They Ask Evans?Suez 1956House of CaradusRebeccaWodehouse PlayhouseRobin's NestThe StudThe Wilde AllianceThe Upchat LinePhilby, Burgess and MacleanMiss Jones and SonJubileeThe New AvengersShadowsAgainst the CrowdSection sp├ęcialeThe Tomorrow PeopleThis WeekThe Black ArrowGood GirlThe Capone InvestmentThrillerThe Carnforth PracticeWessex TalesThe ProtectorsOh, Father!New Scotland YardSix Days of JusticePardon My GenieMan at the TopCallanThe BrothersThe Shadow of the TowerThe Darwin AdventureJusticeBachelor FatherArmchair TheatreThe Rivals of Sherlock HolmesPaul TempleThe Main ChanceSpecial BranchDetectiveThe ExilesThe Wednesday PlayThe SaintChampion HouseITV PlayhouseQuatermass and the PitZ CarsNo Hiding PlaceWays with WordsMister MisfitOrlandoDixon of Dock Green199 Park LaneZero OneThe Man in Room 17Paris 1900Master SpySwizzlewickLove StoryThe Masque of the Red DeathSergeant CorkThe AvengersBoyd Q.C.About ReligionThe Plane MakersDrama 61-67Three on a SpreePayrollInterpol CallingBachelor of HeartsLiving It UpYesterday's EnemyLeave It to TodhunterThe Big MoneyUncle HarryITV Television PlayhouseLife with the LyonsRogue's Yarn