Patsy Smart

Last updated 09 January 2020

Patsy Smart (1918-1996)
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Patsy Smart

Born: Wednesday 14th August 1918
Died: Tuesday 6th February 1996 (age: 77)


Patsy Smart was an English actress who is best remembered for her performance as Miss Roberts in the 1970s ITV television drama Upstairs, Downstairs.

She also appeared in: Danger ManDixon of Dock GreenZ-CarsThe PrisonerThe AvengersThe Sweeney,Blake's 7The Chinese DetectiveMinderRentaghostTerry and JuneFarrington of the F.O.CasualtyHallelujah!, and The Bill.

In her later roles, she was expert at playing dotty old ladies (her Mrs Sibley and Miss Dingle characters in Terry and June being examples) to perfection. Another example was as the wife of the gardener in the Miss Marple episode "The Moving Finger" which starred Joan Hickson.

Patsy Smart died aged 77 in Northwood, Middlesex in England of barbiturate poisoning.

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