James Marcus

Last updated 09 January 2020

James Marcus
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James Marcus

Born: Tuesday 23rd June 1942 (age: 81)


James Marcus  is an English actor. He appeared in the 1978 story Underworld.

He is best known for his performance as Georgie, one of the droogs in Stanley Kubrick's controversial film A Clockwork Orange (1971). 

Before becoming an apprentice printer, he spent the majority of his teenage life performing gigs. After studying acting courses at the 15 Drama school in London, he had several roles in plays based on the works of Shakespeare. His first appearance on TV was the BBC show Hello, Good Evening and Welcome (1968). He also landed a role in the 1969 war comedy, The Virgin Soldiers.

His other TV appearances include UFO, The Sweeney, Z-Cars and The Professionals. He also appearded in the Robin Askwith vehicle Let's Get Laid (1977) with John Clive, another Clockwork Orange actor. He also starred in The Naked Civil Servant (1975) with John Hurt and McVicar (1980). One of his other memorable roles is that of fire station officer Sidney Tate in London's Burning. He also directed the nihilistic Tank Malling (1993) which featured Ray Winstone.

As well as directing, James also produced and co-wrote Passing Through including Family Tree, a stage production. He is currently involved in the TV/film industry devoting his time to acting (his recent role was in The Bill), producing and script writing.