John Arnatt

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Borusa: as Cardinal Borusa: The Invasion of Time
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John Arnatt (1917-1999)
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John Arnatt

Born: Wednesday 9th May 1917
Died: Tuesday 21st December 1999 (age: 82)


John Arnatt  was a British actor born in Russia.

He played Borusa in the Doctor Who story The Invasion of Time.

John Arnatt was born in Petrograd

He amassed numerous television credits in popular productions such as Keeping Up Appearances,DangerfieldLovejoyThe ProfessionalsHouse of Cards and Z-Cars and had a recurring role in the early episodes of the ITV legal drama The Main Chance.

One of Arnatt's most high profile roles was as "The Deputy Sheriff of Nottingham" in the fourth and final season of 1955-60 TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene. His character filled in for Alan Wheatley, who played the regular sheriff. Arnatt's character was introduced and interacted with Wheatley's character in the episode "The Devil You Don't Know". In the 1962 film Dr Crippen, starring Donald Pleasence, Arnatt played Chief Inspector Walter Dew. Arnatt also played an imitation "M" to Tom Adams' imitation James Bond in two films, Licensed to Kill (1965 film) and Where the Bullets Fly (1966).