Simon Gipps-Kent

Last updated 09 January 2020

Simon Gipps-Kent (1958-1987)
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Simon Trevor Kent

Born: Saturday 25th October 1958
Died: Wednesday 16th September 1987 (age: 28)


Simon Gipps-Kent was a British actor,  noted for his numerous appearances as a child actor in the 1970s. He appeared in the 1979 Doctor Who story Horns of Nimon.

His television credits include: the 1973 BBC television adaptation of M.R. James' Lost Hearts; The Tomorrow People; Edward the Seventh (playing young Edward), a role he played again in the BBC's The Prince And The Pauper; Great Expectations ; To Serve Them All My Days; V for Victory, an episode of the 1978 TV series Enemy at the Door; A Traveller in Time and the Southern Television serials, Midnight is a Place and Noah's Castle. Gipps-Kent also had a speaking part in Quadrophenia.

For a time he also played Kenton Archer in the BBC radio serial The Archers. His last television role was in the pilot episode for the comedy series Blackadder in 1982. 

He died of a morphine overdose in 1987.