Bernard Padden

Last updated 09 January 2020

Bernard Padden
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Bernard Padden

Born: Saturday 29th December 1956 (age: 66)


Bernard Padden  played Tylos in the Doctor Who story Full Circle. 

He was interviewed in 1980 for the regular role of Adric but lost out to Matthew Waterhouse.

He was among those interviewed for the documentary "All Aboard the Starliner" included in the serial's DVD release.

Also worked on ZemanovaloadWithout YouThe Dark RoomThe Legend of 1900Sunnyside FarmGrange HillThe Wind in the WillowsAs Time Goes ByErik the VikingLittle DorritBinky and BooValentine ParkZastrozzi: A RomanceThe BrideDempsey and MakepeaceFlat BustEmmerdaleHow We Used to LiveNightingale's BoysThe Dustbinmen