Kevin Manser

Last updated 09 January 2020

Kevin Manser (1929-2001)
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Kevin Manser

Born: Saturday 16th February 1929
Died: Friday 21st December 2001 (age: 72)


Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1929, Kevin Manser emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1957 and worked as a stage manager before taking on a number of roles on stage and in television. He was one of the original Dalek operators from their first story, and continued to operate them until The Power of the Daleks - he also operated one of the Daleks in the first Aaru movie, Dr Who And The Daleks

He returned to Australia in 1969, where he later became popular on the convention circuit. He published his autobiograpy, Memoirs of a Dalek, in 2001 shortly before his death.