Eric Dodson

Last updated 09 January 2020

Eric Dodson (1920-2000)
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Eric Dodson

Born: Wednesday 1st December 1920
Died: Thursday 13th January 2000 (age: 79)


Eric Dodson was an English actor born in PeterboroughCambridgeshire who played many roles in films and on television.

After amateur acting he joined the Royal Air Force in 1941. Following training in Canada he served in RAF Coastal Command, flew bombers and was a liaison officer in Yugoslavia. He then returned to acting with a repertory theatre in Edinburgh.

He appeared as bar owner Jack Pomeroy in Series Three to Five of Rumpole of the Bailey. He also appeared in the Doctor Who story The Visitation, in Porridge as Banyard and many other roles. 

His film appearances included The Dock BriefBattle of Britain and The Mirror Crack'd.