Brian Miller

Last updated 09 January 2020

Brian Miller
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Brian Reginald Miller

Born: Thursday 17th April 1941 (age: 83)

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Brian Miller is a British actor. 

He appeared in the Doctor Who serial Snakedance, provided Dalek voices in Resurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks, and played the role of 'Wiston' in the 2005 stage production of The Trial of Davros. 

He was married to former companion Elisabeth Sladen from 1968 until her death in 2011.

Other television series in which he has appeared include Blake's 7 (in the episode "Horizon"), The Bill, Angels and Casualty. He played Mr Buttle in the Terry Gilliam film Brazil.

Miller and their daughter, Sadie Miller, appeared with Sladen in the range of Sarah Jane Smith audio plays by Big Finish Productions.

Miller appeared alongside his wife in the series three episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Mad Woman in the Attic", as Harry the caretaker, and he has an occasional role in the radio serial The Archers as Jason the builder.